Young Quantum Information Scientists | YQIS

Quantum information has been developing for a few decades, and is now a broad research field. It has been and will be a source of significant scientific and technological progress. The quantum information community stands out for its cross-disciplinary nature, bringing together physicists, mathematicians, chemists and computer scientists. In that context, exchange between researchers is of great importance. The International Conference for “Young Quantum Information Scientists” (YQIS) is organised by young researchers for young researchers (master students, doctoral students and early-stage post-doctoral fellows). The YQIS conference will include all aspects of quantum information science, ranging from the foundations of quantum information to applied quantum systems, and will encompass both the theoretical and the experimental sides of the field.  By devoting most of the time to contributed talks and poster sessions, it puts the young researchers at the center of the conference, and allows them to interact in a casual environment.

The first edition of YQIS was held at the Institute d'Optique Graduate School in Palaiseau, France. The 109 participating young researchers, from all over the world, contributed 22 talks, 86 posters and made this edition a great success. The second edition of YQIS took place in the Mediterranean city of Barcelona, Spain and was organized by young researchers from the ICFO. The number of participants grew to 160 (27 contributed talks, over 140 posters), showing increasing demand for the YQIS. Following this successful start, the third edition of the YQIS was organised by doctoral students at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light in Erlangen, Germany.